Rails Authentication with Clearance

Authentication is a common pattern in Rails apps. We've used plugins such as acts_as_authenticated and restful_authentication and wrote authentication from scratch on our clients' apps for a year.

We then extracted Hoptoad's authentication into a gem, and merged relevant code from two of our clients' apps. We named the gem Clearance and are happy to announce its official release.

Clearance adds these features to your Rails app:

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Modules, Shoulda, and Factory Girl

Clearance is focused on maintainability of the app's authentication code:

This approach keeps the Rails application's code clean and alerts the developer if the authentication code ever breaks.

Due to the work we've been doing to make Shoulda test framework-agnostic, you will be able to use RSpec in the 0.5.0 release of Clearance.

Test::Unit and Cucumber features are also supported:

script/generate clearance
script/generate clearance_features


To keep our approach simple, we made a series of design decisions:


Clearance does not try to be a Swiss Army knife but it does have some hooks if you want admin roles, sign up and sign in by username in addition to email, or something else.

Please report bugs and request features on GitHub Issues.