Process Model
Email with Amazon SES from Rails on EC2
ASDF Version Manager
Semantic Linefeeds
DNS to CDN to Origin
Configuration Block
Cache API Requests
Authorization with Rails Associations
Align Markdown Tables
Start a React Native Project
Go Meta Linter
Redirect Apex Domain to WWW
Feature Branch Code Reviews
Configure and Use Tmux
Update a GitHub Fork
Reduce a Large Heroku Slug Size
Project-Specific Spell Checking
Retention Curves with Mixpanel and Google Sheets
Full Text Search with tsvectors and Triggers
Alerts for Heroku Routing Errors
Test Spies vs. Mocks
North Star Metric
Tmux Only for Long Running Processes
Enforce SSL with Heroku and DNSimple
Polymorphic Activity Feed
Fast Search in Vim
Vim Spell Checking
Create Indexes Concurrently
Run Tests in Vim
Wrap Text at 80 Characters
Sort Lines Alphabetically
Intercept Email from Staging
Fast Integration Tests with Clearance::Backdoor
Four-Phase Test
Back Up and Restore Heroku Databases
Pessimistic Operator
Test HTTP Errors
Mystery Guest
Rails Authentication with Clearance
Start a Rails Project with Suspenders